Santa's Hat Individual 3D Artwork |Mini|

Santa's Hat Individual 3D Artwork |Mini|

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Our 3D Artwork is interchangeable within our custom frames. With a simple turn of the tabs, you can change out the 3D Artwork to accommodate seasons, holidays, and everyday décor!

  • 3D Artwork is approximately .5in thick, which saves TONS of space when storing! 
  • Each rustic Frame is equipped with the options for wall hung, or dowel standing in vertical or horizontal positions. 
  • Products are made in a professional woodshop with quality wood, commercial grade paints, stains and finishes.  

Individual 3D Artwork Dimensions: 6in. X 6in. X .5in.

Frame Dimensions: 7.5in X 7.5in X 1in.

-Props in photos are NOT for sale
-Every piece of wood is unique with knots, cracks, holes, etc.
-Even though the same technique is used for each piece, there is still going to be slight variation in each piece.